Here's my Client Brief template...

...which I use to explore how I can help you. We'll adjust it to fit with your exact needs, when we speak.

Alex Johnson Copywriting Client Brief

Client Name: [Title, First and Last Name]

Client Contact Details: [Phone and Email]


Your company name:

Tell me a bit about your company: [What do you do? What makes you unique?]

Project description: [A top line summary of the goals]:

Requirement: [What do you believe you require? For example, this could include website copy, blogs, sales literature, case studies, articles, reports, social media posts, customer emails, press releases, advertising copy, scripts, or speeches.]

Project Start Date: [Enter the proposed start date]

Project Deadline: [Enter the desired completion date]

Client Contact Information: [Your Name, Email Address, Phone Number]

Purpose: [What do you want to achieve in the short term and the long term? For example, to generate immediate enquiries or to build a brand?]

Target Audience: [What kind of customer do you want to reach out to?]

Benefits: [What is the single most important benefit that will appeal to your target audience? Why is this important to your customer? What are the secondary benefits?]

Proposition: [What is the key statement that summarises the main benefit of your product or service?[

Rationale: [Why should the audience believe what you claim?]

Response: [What sort of response are you seeking? To increase general awareness? To change attitudes? To buy? Is there an immediate action required: to email or click on a link, for example]

Executional guidelines: [For example, will information change frequently? Is there a need to provide different information for different audiences?]

Voice and style: [What sort of language should be used: casual, formal, authoritative, friendly, humorous, serious? It may be helpful to provide examples of existing material, as well as style guidelines.]

Distribution: How will this content be delivered? By email, online, on social media, posted or handed out in person?

Background: [Assume I have no knowledge of your activities, where are you now and what is holding you back?]

Context: How does this relate to your wider business strategy?

Competition: [What is the competition? Are you aware of any similar activity?]

Other work: [Is there anything else you have done, or are planning to do, that is relevant? Where appropriate supply examples.]

Content: [Supply the information you wish to be communicated. In some cases you may have draft text, in others you may only have the germ of an idea - so describe what you want to say.]

Indicate key phrases/terms relevant to the business: [Provide information on keywords for search engines

Any existing marketing materials, style guides, or examples that would be helpful? [Attach relevant files if available]

Attachments: [List and supply all relevant information.]

Budget Constraints: [Mention any budget limitations or guidelines]

Ideal Project Completion Date: [Share your preferred project completion date]

Schedule: [Agree a schedule to show stages and dates for each stage. For example: agree brief, initial concepts, first draft or design, final revisions, publication, delivery]

Specific Requirements by Project Type (select one or more):

Website Copy:

  • Number of Pages: [Specify the number of pages requiring copy]

  • Main Pages to Cover: [List the main pages that need copy]

  • Any Unique Selling Points (USPs) to highlight: [Share any unique features or benefits to emphasize]

Social Media Campaign:

  • Platform(s) to Focus On: [Specify the social media platforms you're targeting]

  • Campaign Goals: [Describe the goals of your social media campaign]

  • Frequency of Posts: [Indicate how often you plan to post]

Video Scripting:

  • Video Purpose: [Explain the purpose of the video, e.g., explain a product, promote an event]

  • Video Length: [Provide an estimated duration for the video]

  • Key Points to Include: [List the main points or content that must be covered]

Blog Posts:

  • Number of Posts: [Specify the number of blog posts needed]

  • Topics/Ideas for Blog Posts: [Share topics or ideas you'd like us to cover]

  • Preferred Word Count per Post: [Indicate your preferred word count range]


  • Purpose of Brochure: [Explain the purpose of the brochure, e.g., showcase products, provide company overview]

  • Audience to Target: [Describe the intended audience for the brochure]

  • Key Information to Include: [List essential information to be included]


  • Objective of the Advertisement: [Explain the main goal of the advertisement, e.g., promote a product, announce an event]

  • Target Audience: [Describe the intended audience for the advertisement]

  • Key Message(s): [Outline the main message(s) you want to convey]

  • Call-to-Action (CTA): [Specify the action you want the audience to take]

  • Media Platform: [Indicate where the advertisement will be displayed, e.g., print, online]

Email Marketing:

  • Email Campaign Goal: [Describe the objective of your email campaign, e.g., lead generation, customer engagement]

  • Audience Segmentation: [Provide information about different segments of your audience]

  • Key Information to Include: [Specify any crucial details to be included in the emails]

  • CTA(s) for Each Email: [Outline the call-to-action for each email]

Press Releases:

  • News Angle: [Explain the newsworthy event or announcement]

  • Target Audience: [Describe the intended readership of the press release]

  • Key Information: [List the essential facts, figures, and details]

  • Quotable Statements: [Provide any quotes from relevant individuals]

  • Distribution Channels: [Specify where you plan to distribute the press release]

Company Profiles and Slogans:

  • Company Profile Purpose: [Explain the purpose of the profile, e.g., for website, social media]

  • Company Overview: [Provide a concise summary of your company's history, mission, and values]

  • Slogan Requirements: [Indicate if you have a current slogan or if you need one created

Speeches and Presentations:

  • Speech/Presentation Topic: [Describe the topic of the speech or presentation]

  • Audience: [Describe the audience that will be present]

  • Key Points to Cover: [Outline the main points you want to address]

  • Tone and Style: [Specify the tone (formal, motivational, informative) and style]

Academic Documents:

  • Document Type: [Specify the type of academic document, e.g., research paper, thesis]

  • Specify type of skill: [Copyediting or Proofreading (Copywriting not available)]

ONLY for customers requiring UX Copy – this is very detailed due to the nature of UX and should only be completed with the client's Product Team

UX Copy for User Interface:

  • Application/Website Name: [Specify the name of the application or website]

  • User Interface Elements: [List the specific UI elements that require copy, e.g., buttons, tooltips, error messages]

  • Purpose of Each Element: [Explain the purpose of each UI element]

  • Desired Tone: [Indicate the tone for the UI copy (friendly, professional, casual, etc.)]

Micro-interactions and Notifications:

  • Micro-interaction Description: [Provide details about the micro-interactions, e.g., form validation, loading animations]

  • Trigger Events: [Explain when these micro-interactions occur]

  • Copy for Notifications: [Outline the messages for notifications (success, error, information)]

User Onboarding:

  • User Persona: [Describe the user persona for onboarding]

  • Welcome Message: [Provide the initial message for welcoming users]

  • Guidance and Instructions: [Explain how you want to guide users through the onboarding process]

In-App Messaging:

  • Message Context: [Explain the context for in-app messages]

  • Content and Purpose: [Describe the content and purpose of these messages]

  • CTA for Messages: [Specify the call-to-action in the messages]

Error Handling and Help Text:

  • Error Scenarios: [List common error scenarios that require error messages]

  • Error Message Content: [Provide content for error messages]

  • Help Text and Tooltips: [Specify any help text or tooltips needed for user guidance]

Interactive Prompts:

  • Scenario: [Describe the scenario where interactive prompts are needed]

  • Prompt Content: [Provide content for the prompts]

  • User Responses: [Outline possible user responses and corresponding prompts]

User Feedback and Surveys:

  • Feedback Collection: [Explain how you plan to collect user feedback]

  • Feedback Request Copy: [Provide the copy for requesting user feedback]

  • Survey Questions: [List survey questions or topics]

Navigation and Wayfinding:

  • Navigation Labels: [Specify navigation labels for menus and links]

  • Breadcrumb Trail: [Explain how you want to guide users through the navigation]

  • Directions and Pathways: [Provide copy for guiding users through the application flow]

Preference Settings and Personalization:

  • Preference Categories: [List categories where users can customize settings]

  • Preference Labels: [Specify labels for preference settings]

  • Instructions for Personalization: [Provide instructions for users to personalize their experience]

User Engagement and Calls-to-Action:

  • Engagement Points: [Identify areas where you want to encourage user engagement]

  • Copy for CTAs: [Provide copy for buttons and CTAs to encourage user actions]

Feedback and Confirmation:

  • Success Messages: [Provide copy that describes a user's action has completed successfully e.g. "Payment Successful!"]


  • In-App Offers and Discounts: [Identify any promotions you wish to display]

  • Banner Advertisements: [Provide copy for banner advertisements]

Push Notifications:

  • Subscription Requests: [Provide copy for the user to sign up as a subscriber]

  • Updates and Reminders: [Provide copy to remind the user to take an action e.g. complete checkout]

  • Personalized Recommendations: [Provide copy for any product or service recommendations for specific customers]

Legal and Compliance:

  • Terms of Use: [Provide copy to notify the user of app terms of use]

  • Privacy Policy: [Provide copy to notify the user of app privacy policy]

  • Consent Messages: [Provide copy to notify the user of app consent e.g. cookies]

Delivery and Timeline:

  • Initial Deliverable: [First draft of UX copy for review]

  • Revisions: [Allow for a round of revisions based on feedback]

  • Final Deliverable: [Revised and polished UX copy in a format compatible with app integration]

  • Timeline: [Specify deadlines for each deliverable, including review periods]

Additional Notes:

  • Design Considerations: [Highlight design elements or constraints that may influence the placement and formatting of the copy]

  • Collaboration: [Mention how I will collaborate with the design and development teams]